IMET SIRIO 370 SH-E Cold Cut Saw


disc saws, pivoting movement, twin pillar, semi-automatic, steel and aluminum cut, miter

Heavy duty semiautomatic vertical saw, mitre cutting from 0° to 45° right and from 0° to 60° left. Recommended for general workshop and production sawing applications.

Semiautomatic version with electropneumatic functioning, hydraulic control down-feed speed of the head.
Electronic driver with programming of all operations by means of the keyboard; machine status shown on display.
Blade rotation inversion to free the blade from the material if necessary.
Pneumatic vice and washing gun for cleaning.
The version with electronic Inverter widens the cutting possibilities, from stainless steel to brass and copper.
Primary transmission with pulleys and cogged belt, final reduction in oil with bronze crown gear. Vice with adjustable guides, free to move alongside the worktable, with quick motion and clamping, anti-burr adjustable device.
Easy stops at 0° and 45° left, adjustable length stop.
Blade spindle with 40 mm diameter.
Floor stand with removable chip collector and coolant tank; coolant electro-pump.
Cutting capacity at 90 °, round till 120 mm., square till 100 mm., rectangular till 180×100 mm.