Pedrazzoli Automatic Cutting

These extremely versatile machines are supplied with feeders which allow to keep cutting pieces until bar finishes. 45° cuts both left and right can be carried out in semi-automatic mode , while the version for aluminum cutting can also perform miter cuts off the vertical up to 45°. Rotation of graduated disc is upon tempered balls with automatic stops in 90° and ± 45° positions and manual stops in intermediate positions. The vices move freely in horizontal direction and head tilting upon adjustable self-lubricating bushings makes machines reliable even on large cutting capacity with ø 350 mm blades. The feeder carriage is complete with clamping cylinder with adjustable closing pressure which allows to securely grip piece with no deformation; the 600 mm stroke can be selected as single or multiple step and adjustable speed. Machines with feeder can also be used in semi-automatic cycle, with single step feeling or in totally automatic cycle.

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