Pedrazzoli Fully Automatic Cutting Lines

The automatic cutting lines are complete with loader, feeling unit, cutting unit and discharge selector. Pedrazzoli can supply version for tube, full bar and profile cutting, for ferrous materials, light alloys and structural steelwork. Type of loader can be chosen between chute loaders, toothed loader for full bars, bunker loaders with belt loading for tubes and chain loading for heavy profiles.Discharge units can also be supplied according to cutting line’s application, with maximum discharge lengths which go from 500 mm to 7000mm and structures to ensure correct discharge both of light tubes and heavier pieces.

We can also supply automatic systems to separate scraps and trim cuts from good pieces and to check cut lengths by means of magnetic bands.
Cutting lines can be completed by automatic evacuators of swarf generated by cutting process, deburring machines, cleaning systems and automatic stacking devices for cut pieces.

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