Category: Rolls & Profile Benders

Tauring ALPHA 40 CNCi

Shown here is a profile bending machine with independent double adjustment on rectilinear converging guides. Three driving rolls electrically powered. Hydraulic adjustment of the lower rolls. Shafts diameter 40 mm.

In this video you can see what can be achieved with the automatic bicycle wheels production line.

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Tauring Alpha160

The ALPHA 160 is a very compact bending machine with high-performance. It can work vertically and horizontally with an ergonomic work surface. The structure solidity, with the bending rolls rectilinear movement, the placement precision and the variety of tools are some of the recognized strengths of this innovative bending machine. It’s very appreciated for the quality of work with a variety of profiles, that has no equal on the market.


In this particular video, the alloy that is displayed is a special aluminium that is used for things like helicopter landing gear. Note the careful bending process which is why it runs slower than normal in this instance.