Category: End Formers

DIE Standard

More from our Endforming line. Shown here is another DIE machine. A single tool that allows the expansion and reduction of tube diameters with a precision of +/- 0.2mm. Suitable to make bicones, single and double beads, dimples, and other appropriate applications.


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Electric Perforation

Perforation for exhaust tubes for cars, trucks, and motorbikes. This machine has a perforation power of 80 tons and can guarantee any angular division of piercing thanks to the specific tooling and a CNC device for tube introduction and rotation.

With energy saving, environmental preservation in mind and a design reflecting our reliability without disregarding power and cycle time, Mille Miglia has succeeded in creating a full electric machine.

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Endforming Type “C”

*Video courtesy of Mille Miglia

Machines with one, two, or three independent heads that allow the expanding and reducing of straight or bent tubes, utilizing rapid set-up tooling. Equipment compatible with “C” type tooling extremely suitable to make simple notches, torca notches and reference slots. Heads can be combined and assembled side to side to form a C+I/O machine.