Tauring SAF DS80HP+11

The HP version has an intelligent quote positioner that allows the setting of different positioning values and inserting directly the bending radius. Positioner features 20 storable quotas on a single program. 10 additional programs of 10 quotas each. 10 bending radii predetermination programs in single and multipass. Quota entering by means of of a keypad or self learning procedure.

3″ x 3″ x 3/8” Tauring Angle Roll Saf DS 80Pqi–New- In Stock

Maximum Working Shaft length mm 160
Standard Roll Diameter mm 224
Roll Shaft Speed rpm 7.7
Motor kW 5.5
Working Height Vertical cm 87
Working Height Horizontal cm 120
Dimensions cm 105x150x149
Weight Kg 1020